quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010


There’s something I do confess
For the lady my heart has addressed
The happiness reigns in me.
And in your eyes , I can guess
The sun been just a reflex
Your splendor it yearns to be.

I used to live by sorrow and pain
But my soul has changed again
Because of only you.
I don’t have much to give
I’d glad to be your mere captive
And I ain’t so blue.

Wherever you pass by
You make every part so bright
Even in the gloomy days!
Since my existence changes
I no longer my heart pretend
I’ll follow you to any way!

My life is now complete
It’s true, my darling, indeed
I’ll do for you my best...
In spite of our up and down’s
By your side we won’t breakdown
And forever my love will last!

2 comentários:

KêDy disse...

Nunca mais por aqui andei, retornei, o blog está belo e de vento em popa... Abraços!

Kleitman Castro disse...

É o vício...Uma vez blogueiro, sempre blogueiro!!


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