segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011


It´s time to break up.
That’s enough!
That’s the final hiccup,
No more Coffee’s and soughs!

Telling the truth, we’ve already gone.
We are no couple, we have no home
Anymore… it’s too hard!
No willing to reward.
No feelings to regard.

No more chance to give:
Realize that!
It’s time to wonder, it’s time to leave
Another ways to look at!

There is no time for 'right and wrong',
Good speeches to come along.
All is left behind:
The ending, we mustn’t deny!

By the way,
Don’t be afraid for anything:
I won’t argue after all.
Please, packet all my stuffs
And I’ll take it in the Hall

I’ll leave the keys in the same place,
Catching my boxes and briefcase,
Figure out new breakthroughs
Good bye. So long. That’s the truth.

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