sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012


How many friends do you like the most?
How many of them did get you lost?
How many friends can you see every day?
How many of them wouldn’t you see night and day? 

How much dreams could you never get?
How much of them can you always regret?
How much love did you last forever?
How many of them can you still remember ever and ever?
Have you been recognizing yourself?
Which is not the same now at last?
At this time, do you realize…
… What it is not anymore likewise?
How much mystery do you always seek for?
How much of them do you have no more?
How many secrets can you hold you so tight?
How many of them… today... never mind!
How many lies have you ever repeated?
How many of them do you still believe?
How many changes have you ever expected?
How many of them do you willing suspect?
How many songs did you buzz out loud?
How many of them do you have no proud?
How many people have you loved so deep?
How many of them are in your heart indeed?

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