segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009


When you came
Make me feel ashamed, insane unfortunate
and you
caused my dreams untrue
So you left me forlorn
And I have no tomorrow
Stay here with pain and sorrow
And all my chances
you got all them so narrow

But if you gave
a chance to be glad

to live my life so happy
with you
our Love gets so high in a full of pride
And my heart and yours
get closer so tightly
Politely and delight to be part of you
And I anymore so blue

You are
kind of special
I’d say monumental, you’re sensational
Oh my first love, sweet love

From God
you’re my real inspiration
Of God
you’re the best creation
A fully of temptation, a good flavor
Your smile, shine and bright
Fill me up inside, you're part of mine
and I cannot deny that I’ll repeat several times:

You’re my goodness
You’re the true happiness
You’re everything that makes me feel so proud to be,
my lovely sweet love

My love,
I have to admit
Sometimes I plead so guilty
Cause you
I lost my resistance
Those almost silly circumstances
That makes me feel so fool
And all my life so cruel until now
When you came and change it at all

I swear,
I cannot deny
The love I have inside,
cause it hurts
And live with you together, my love last forever
That’s all my wishes
Give to you all my kisses
Definitely, you are the best
to make my life totally and complete.
and all my life is it!

[Perdão ao poeta Pinxinguinha pela ousadia. Amei esta versão.]

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