sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

ALMOST BLUE - The poem

One morning
I looked on my side
And I don’t see you through
Oh, it’s a bad, bad mood!

I am sick and tired
Everywhere willing a clue
And I am almost blue

Every night
I don’t have you
In a tight softly hug
So I feel almost blue

A gloomy song
In long, long pub
It supposed almost blue

That’s all to me it last
Playing my best
In a sad song Blues

Eu ouvi a música AQUI

Um comentário:

Roséli - a Flor disse...

hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm .....
Que lindo poema você fez ...
Adorei, meu poeta!
O blues faz isso conosco,
traz o que estava
lá no fundo, escondidinho!



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