segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011


I could stay still, feeling so sad
Instead of it, I love to play so badly!

I dream flying all over the sea,
But then I wake up,
I slip on the floor,
walking on my feet.

I wish my elephant could be thin,
running and jumping so fast!
But what happens, in deed,
It’s so happy being fat!

My top could be made by iron, not wood
So, am I able to spin so high, so good?

I‘d be born older, and dying as a kid.
I'd win my X-Games, no defeats!
If so, would I have all friends that I need?

I could wish whatever I want:
Having an iron top, wining games, or a thin elephant.
Just I snap my fingers in an instant!
So using my mind’s creation…
That’s imagination!

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