sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012


After all those years
We have no more tears
Seeing a future for us.
We’ve been going apart
Keep staying so far
There’s no coming back
It’s late to regret
After all those long lonely nights,
With so much pain and fights,
Let’s face the truth
Couldn’t it be so cruel?
There’s no time to blame
To feel so ashamed
It wouldn’t last forever
There’s no time to hurt us anymore
I’ll find my way and you’ll find yours
We both
Always made our judgments
Had truly good moments
But it’s over now
Let’s keep it
up in the past
To realize our best
Surely, we won’t forget
Find your way by your own
Cause our life really must go on
After all realizing the facts
That we can be friends exactly we can find some else
You’re free!
It’s up to you
To love someone new
And go on and on
By now I hope you live so deeply
I’ll do the same to me
After all

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